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Multimedia Creative Company develops and integrates new technologies to promote goods and services. The network of screens at points of sale is one of our cases, where we also act as an operator of information and advertising services.

Screens in pharmacies

As a video advertising operator, we place screens in the checkout areas of large pharmacy chains: Vitamin, NOVA APTEKA, Konex. The media is double-sided tablets with large screens and attractive design. Their swivel mechanism does not impede the movement of visitors.

Media plays a video on both sides in a vertical (portrait) format with Full-HD resolution (1080 x 1920 pixels), has an anti-vandal housing with IP67 protection, easily deflects and returns to its original position.

Digital cash-desk divider

Your advertising message is in the hands of buyers at the checkout. We have developed a unique device for you to deliver messages on the feed tape to the checkout. Content management is online.

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